Peter Dutton

First, I'd like to just thank you for doing whatever you did to get to this page. It's still surreal to me that so many people across the globe are supporting this message and mission. No joke, every time a new wristband order hits my email or someone just likes/shares a recent post, my heart beats a little faster out of pure excitement and joy that this is working. And it's all working towards the purpose for this journey: Inspire people to pray daily.


Prayer is extremely powerful. Most of us could look around right now at blessings we possess that we were once praying for. Your job, house, car, relationship, family, something  has improved because of your prayers. For me personally, it was about changing my entire life before it was too late. I'll be 30 in a few months and to be completely honest, there was a time in life when I didn't think I'd reach 25, let alone 30. The person you see today is now who I've always been. I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of, most times risking not only my freedom but life. As crazy at it may sound, the one thing that I believe got me out of each and every one of those situations, was prayer! Sounds crazy right? I'm doing the devils work, but calling on God to help me when stuff hit the fan. But that's exactly what took place. I vividly remember one mission gone wrong, and I'm lying on my back under a set of bushes, looking up at thesky as cops circled the complex looking for myself and 3 other people. I kept thinking about my mother and what she would think of her son and what he was doing. All I could do was pray. I prayed and told God if he got me out of that situation I would turn it around. He and I had that conversation before but for some reason, He saved me once again. As the blog continues, I'll explain in great detail many stories and life moments; from the one I began explaining above, to my hoop dreams, day I almost died, and my brief stint selling weed in college. (mom if you see this, it was literally only a few months to pay rent in college. I know I could've asked you but I didn't want to. Probably your first time hearing this soooo... yea, my bad. God is good. I love you.)


Prayer saved my life, it didn't just change it. Once I started praying daily and asking God to help me walk in my purpose, things started progressing. Doors started opening that I never knocked on. Friendships improved. Family life improved. Even my personality. I've been great since 87' but God made me greater than great once I gave him co-pilot to my life. (Peter The Gr8 2.0. Peter The Gr8 1.0 retired and hangs in the rafters.lol)


My only goal with this is to help someone else struggling in life to find answers, searching for clarity, and ultimately that breakthrough that puts them on the path to better days. I remember being that guy. Lost, confused, scared, and living without a purpose. I put daily prayer in the mix and everything changed. I'm married to the woman of my dreams, family prospering, I love my job, and I've been able to share my story and passion around Pray EveryDay To Expect Results™ with the world!!


I appreciate every single supporter and anybody that took the time to read a little about my story and where this started. We've just begun and I can't wait to see what God has in store for the future of the movement!

- Peter